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Cybersecurity is a hot topic for many businesses, and for good reason. Every day the internet becomes more dangerous, cybercriminals more prevalent, and the reality of a cyberattack targeting your business more certain.

You can’t afford to be lax on cybersecurity. Business downtime, loss of data, and damaged reputation are costs you can’t afford to pay in the modern world. If you aren’t confident in your security, you need Strategy.

Our powerful, and proven, tools will proactively defend your workstations, network, and staff from attacks. We have the strategies and techniques you need to protect your business.

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Your computers are the most dangerous, and plentiful, windows into your network. All day every day your staff use their computers to do their work, browse the internet, and create files.

You can’t afford for these devices to be insecure, allowing malicious actors or software a foothold in your network. At the same time, your critical company data and users need to have as little downtime as possible.

Our workstation security package ensures your computers are protected, their data is backed up, and their systems kept up to date. We’ll also monitor them to ensure you know how healthy your fleet is and when devices need to be replaced or receive maintenance.

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“Both Scott and Brad did exceptional work at our new Reed Automotive store in Saint Joseph, Missouri. Whether it be setting up our paging system, port forwarding our NVR, or sending a tech to the site for computer set up, they both were quick to assist and kept us informed on every aspect of the operation. They didn't stop until a solution was found. Thank you Strategy!"

-Chris, Reed Automotive Group

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