Quick response time, reliability, security. These are attributes you desire for your technology, right? The truth is that when your team is stretched thin and fixing tech issues on their own, mistakes happen. Data is compromised. Clients are lost. How can you avoid this? Partner with a tech agency in Kansas City who can support your goals and help your business thrive in confidence.

Tech is constantly evolving, so it can be difficult to keep up with all the software updates, cutting-edge programs, new gadgets, or just general changes to the workflow as a result of these changes. At what point should you cave in and seek assistance?

Business Is Booming – And So Are Your Notifications

Being overly busy is a good problem to have, to some extent.

When you find yourself constantly swamped with not only your general work but also a never-ending flow of tech complaints from your team, it may be time to think about outsourcing.

You’re already an expert in your field – that’s what makes your business so strong – so why should you also have to be an expert in tech? The answer is: you don’t have to do both. In fact, focusing too much of your energy on tech issues will inevitably drain you and take away precious billable time that you should be devoting to your clients and high-priority tasks.

The Ceiling Isn’t Tall Enough for All the Hats Your Employees Are Wearing

In small to midsize businesses, it’s very common for employees to “wear many hats”. This can be a good thing, until it becomes too much, and your staff is unable to work optimally on each of their assigned tasks.

When it comes to tech issues, in addition to adding to your personal workflow, tech problems are also plugging up the to-do lists of your staff.

Each and every time they have an issue to deal with, whether it’s a printer that won’t connect, Outlook isn’t working, or a hard drive has crashed unexpectedly, your employees are losing valuable work time that should be dedicated to nurturing the company. Because of these issues, they end up racing against the clock to still meet deadlines, feeling frustrated and defeated in the process.

When your staff is overworked, errors are likely to occur, along with burnout and high turnover rates. Outsourcing your tech needs will alleviate stress and will help your team focus on their projects, keeping your business competitive and on-track with your goals.

A Tech Agency Will Keep Your Data Secure

Without an outsourced, professional tech team, you rely on your employees to solve issues by finding alternate solutions, which are often inefficient or unsafe from a security standpoint.

How much would a data breach cost you? Turns out it’s approximately 4 million dollars. Can your business afford that? If you’re trusting Joe from Sales to manage all your miscellaneous tech issues on top of his already hefty workload, you’re putting your company – and your clients – at risk.

Another benefit to outsourcing a tech agency is that you’ll have full access to on-going training for your team. For instance, how can you avoid phishing scams? Or perhaps you’re wondering, “why isn’t my website secure”?

Outsourcing Saves You Money

At first glance, it may seem budget-friendly to keep your IT management in-house. Perhaps that was true when you first started your business out of your garage, but things have changed now. Your sales are skyrocketing, so your daily business demands are, too. Hiring a managed services provider is well worth it when you consider all the benefits listed above.

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