Gone are the days when you could barely leave the office for fear of missing a call. Cell phones keep us connected anywhere, anytime. But what about meetings, document reviews, major decisions, interviews, employee/employer questions … this list could go on forever, right? You don’t want to miss those, but you can’t stay chained to your desk. Some business has to be done on the road. Cross-device software to the rescue!

If you make just a small jump to invest in an extra device or two as well as a few productivity apps or software programs, your time and money will be saved in the long run and your productivity will go up, up, up! The same software that can be utilized and synced on a computer and a cell phone can also be synced and used on an easy-to-carry tablet. There are dozens of apps that assist in video conferencing on the go, interviewing potential employees, making appointments in real time, and reading, creating, or editing important time-sensitive documents. And those are just a few solutions for important business tasks among the plethora of available apps.

Many apps and software programs are free to download on extra devices, so adding it to your employees’ devices is feasible. Even if it costs a bit extra, if you want convenience then apps and cross-device software programs are definitely the way to go. There are a couple of things you and your employees want to remember when using these convenient tools.

  1. Security measures are a must. Use secure Wifi or cellular data and always use a strong password.
  2. Watch over your shoulder when using these productivity apps in public. No, don’t be paranoid! Just make sure you are not inadvertently sharing your private data with the world through your local coffee shop.

So when a business can’t wait, but neither can that business trip, lunch meeting, or other appointments, try the many business productivity cross-device apps on the market. But remember the most important rule of all: take time away from mobile and electronic devices for personal sanity, too!

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