As businesses continue to expand and grow, so do their technology needs. A managed services provider in Kansas City can build, maintain, and optimize your business technology so you don’t have to!

Your network, computers, phones, and servers can be managed by an expert IT staff with 24/7 Help Desk services. But which managed service providers offer the greatest benefits at the best cost to you? These top 5 things to look for in Kansas City managed service providers will help you in your search for the greatest provider for your business.

1. Availability

The most important aspect of a managed service provider is their around-the-clock availability. Your technology and internet don’t shut down when you leave the office, and neither should your managed service team.

As a business, you are partnering with a group of technology experts that upgrade, monitor, and streamline all your tech. They ensure that your phones, computers, and other systems are protected, running optimally, and are secure against downtime. To protect and bolster your tech, your managed service provider needs to offer industry-leading service 24 hours a day.

Strategy Tech Agency understands that even when you’re not giving stellar presentations and leading conference calls, your tech needs protection. That’s why Strategy Tech Agency has our Managed Help Desk that gives businesses 24/7 monitoring, preventative maintenance, and necessary security patches.

2. Fast Response Time

Another key aspect of a great managed service team is their ability to solve technology problems as soon as they arise. For your business to run smoothly, your managed services team needs to minimize downtime with immediate response!

Your managed service provider should respond quickly to all your needs, not just the emergencies! Make sure your provider has 24-hour phone service, and your calls aren’t forwarded to a call center. You should have the peace of mind knowing that any questions or concerns you may have will be answered promptly by your tech professionals.

Strategy Tech Agency provides 24/7 IT Help Desk services to all our clients, so we can take the pressure off your team and provide timely answers and solutions.

3. Planning for the Future

A great managed service provider doesn’t just work for you now, they help you plan for your future growth!

A managed service provider should also be equipped and trained as technology consultants for your business. Your tech experts should keep you up-to-date with the latest technology and work with you to assess the best technology solutions that will aid you in your future business expansion.

At Strategy Tech Agency, our technicians are passionate about technology and the way it influences our future. They have the power and research to aid your business both now and for the years to come!

4. On-Site Support

Your managed service provider shouldn’t be a ghost. Your tech team should have the capabilities to handle your IT management in-house without having to outsource all of your needs.

The best managed service providers will also be available to assess your technology needs at your location for your convenience. Strategy Tech Agency is equipped to handle both your remote and on-site support requirements!

5. Employee Support

Lastly, your managed service provider should be able to handle both technology and people. Customer service is always paramount when trusting your IT to a managed service team; great tech teams go even further by training your staff on best technology practices.

It’s not enough that tech experts understand the best ways to use and streamline your business’s technology. Your staff should also be able to comfortably and efficiently operate your phones, networks, and computers every day! A managed service provider like Strategy Tech Agency will aid in training your employees on new equipment, upgraded equipment, and more!

Strategy Tech Agency Is Tailored to You.

In order to provide the best possible managed services experience for our clients, we have made certain that our Managed Services package includes everything from this blog, and more! Technology is complex and ever-changing, and that means you need the industry-leading, trusted technology partners at Strategy Tech!

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