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About Us

Your Tech Partner for Innovation

Great Tech, Great People

The name says it all. A successful technology plan begins with strategy. We help our clients fit the pieces together for a greater impact and to get results that matter. With Strategy, you get more than just a partner. Our shared vision and collaborative approach allow us to bring insight, expertise, and resources to help you accomplish goals and grow your business.

Jason Wilson

Solution Architect

Valorie Wilson

Copy Editor

Ed Roche

Strategy Evangelist

Karmalene Roche

Office Manager

Jordan List


Drew Brooks

Project Manager

Scott Leverich

Senior Engineer

Geoff Davis

IT Technician

Carrick Wilson

Tech Apprentice

Daniel Ho

Tech Apprentice

Tonya Frank

Account Executive

Dana Mathews

Account Executive

Josh Proctor

Account Executive

Matthew Woods

Account Executive

Our Values


We provide exceptional care and service, bringing value to all of our relationships.


We deliver creative solutions which produce fantastic results for our clients.


We craft multiple options so our clients can make informed decisions.


We are flexible and proactive, allowing us to execute in surprisingly timely ways.


We are mission-minded and invest in our community to make a lasting impact.


We value honesty and authenticity. It’s not just business; relationships matter.


Our team produces excellent solutions that help you achieve your goals.


We collaborate with our clients to refine and produce continual improvement.

Happy Customers, Everyday

“Our recent issues were resolved by your employee. He was knowledgeable, courteous and worked astonishingly quickly & quietly. Thank you!”

-Matt, Real Media