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Workstations, phones, and laptops —are essential endpoint devices you use for day to day operations. But how secure is your IT network?

With Strategy as your business partner, we work proactively to keep them running efficiently and securely with our network services.

Our proactive network management provides full visibility in your infrastructure. We’ll proactively manage, monitor, and mitigate any vulnerabilities and threats to your business while saving you valuable time and money.

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Network Assessment

We’ll analyze your business’s current IT infrastructure and assess the viability of your network. This analysis examines your system’s processes, performance, management, and security.

In addition to determining if resources are being used efficiently, this assessment will also uncover gaps in security and potential advantages or disadvantages.

If your business has not undergone an assessment in the last year, we’re happy to provide a network analysis. We’ll work to identify any vulnerable servers, security limitations, misconfigured firewalls, or data liabilities.

Security Assessment

Our multi-faceted security assessment will examine security controls and confirm they are present across your technology infrastructure.

This risk-based assessment looks at an organization from the network level and examines routers, firewalls, and intrusion prevention systems.

Your security assessment also includes problem area identification. We’ll conduct a risk analysis detailing threats, vulnerabilities, impact, likelihood, and recommended actions for improvement.

Server Deployment

When implementing your IT infrastructure, we’ll handle server deployment tasks ranging from operating system and application installs to network settings and firewall configuration.

Once deployed, we’ll continue to monitor your server and its applications to prevent any new or recurring issues.

Network Security

Get peace of mind with comprehensive network security that keeps your proprietary information safeguarded from attack.

We’ll establish firewalls to create a barrier between internal and external networks to keep you protected, and ensure effective antivirus solutions are in place to keep your hardware, data, and virtual environments intact.

VPN Setup

Virtual private networks, or VPNs, allow for increased efficiency and collaboration within your organization.

Setting up an encrypted connection with a virtual private network ensures sensitive data is transmitted securely when users in your organization work outside the office environment.

Users can safely access central files from any location so you can feel confident your staff has the tools they need to maintain accuracy and productivity no matter their location.

Other IT Services

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