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Protect your practice against HIPAA and Payment Card Industry (PCI) violations. If your technology isn’t up to date, you could be putting your business, practice, and patients in jeopardy, which could result in fines and loss of valuable business.

While HIPAA and PCI are two different sets of regulations, we’re equipped to ensure that your IT infrastructure and business operations meet all necessary industry requirements.

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Security & Compliance

If your organization handles individually identifiable health information or any information relating to health conditions, care services, or medical payments, you are required to maintain HIPAA compliance.

If your organization collects, stores or transmits credit card information, you’ll need to adhere to PCI guidelines.

We’ll determine which regulations are relevant to your business and formulate an action plan once a comprehensive tech assessment has been performed.

Tech Assessments

Our assessment of your existing practices and infrastructure will include an initial audit to review your physical environment, an automated scan of every device on the network, and a report stating identified issues and vulnerabilities.

We’ll also confirm that network firewalls, information security policies, and proper HIPAA and PCI staff training is in place.

Technical Safeguards

After identifying any gaps in compliance, we’ll implement technical safeguards to ensure compliance standards are met. These safeguards address encryption and decryption, access control, and activity audit controls.

Safeguards to be implemented include regularly reviewing audit reports and system access logs, establishing data backup and disaster recovery plans, and limiting physical access to electronic information systems.

To learn more about avoiding HIPAA risks and protecting your practice, take advantage of our free HIPAA webinar series.

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