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Increased Collaboration and Efficiency

Are you ready to leverage the power of the cloud? As a Kansas City tech agency, we offer cloud computing solutions that help your business reduce cost and increase efficiency. Scalable and secure cloud systems drive high performance and eliminate the need for hardware systems to manage and store data.

We’ll move your data from on-premises to the cloud and ensure secure offsite backup and data storage. Strategy will assess your business and find the best solution for you.

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Cloud Services

Choosing the right cloud services provider can be a challenge. We’ll work with you to find the best cloud solutions for your business’s needs. From there, we’ll provide deployment and routine management.

Moving your workload to a secure environment and avoiding infrastructure maintenance provides you with flexibility to run your business, and improves collaboration by making information available anywhere at any time.

Our knowledgeable technicians support a variety of cloud-based systems including Google applications, Apple devices and operating systems, and Windows-based networks.

Cloud Migration & Hosting

Cloud hosting provides you with more flexibility and cost efficiency when running your business. We’ll help you organize and manage integral information in the virtual cloud so you can avoid the hassle of renting or purchasing physical servers.

We’ll ensure that your transition to cloud infrastructure is as seamless as possible. Cloud migration covers the relocation of data, applications, and other components from your current onsite infrastructure to the cloud.

Cloud Security

The widespread shift to cloud computing has increased the productivity of the modern workplace.

Implementing controls will help to protect your data and applications, detect attacks, and reduce potential threats. We’ll help you avoid costly mistakes resulting from system misconfiguration that allows data to be accessed externally, and work to secure any access credentials that may be exposed.

Offsite Backup & Backup Storage

Data backup provides you with simple and reliable data recovery that keeps your business secure. With the correct measures in place, you’ll retain access to valuable information even if it’s compromised. We’ll discuss your needs and formulate the right cloud backup plan for your business.

Other IT Services

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